Meet the Band

King st

Tom Cegielski

Tom Cegielski is a Chicago born musician who is extremely passionate for music. Tom plays a variety of instruments, but finds his heart in drumming. From when he was young Tom showed a love for music and would always find ways to listen to it. As Tom entered middle school, his love for music began to grow and develop. He finds his influences to be bands like Rush, Porcupine Tree, Styx, and Toto, with members of these bands being his favorite drummers. Tom practices for hours every day in his home studio while listening to different styles and genres of music to keep his creativity fresh. Tom is the original member and founder of the King St band.

Aidan Preshong

Aidan Preshong is a Virginia native who began studying guitar at the Catoctin School of Music in Leesburg, VA. He has played with the Governors School of the Arts and he currently plays with the gold rated ensemble at Rock Ridge High School. Aidan’s playing and writing influences are Paul McCartney and Bradley Nowell. He dedicates his time to building and promoting the King St band name.

Jackson Howard

Jackson Howard studies bass guitar, keyboard, acoustic guitar and vocals. He formed his first band, The Nitro Jax in 2015 and they were a local force in the Northern Virgina area, winning Battle of the Bands, opening for well know cover bands and playing at numerous large festivals. Jackson is an avid enthusiast of many genre’s and styles of music and always looking to improve or find a new sound. Jackson is the youngest member of the King St band as will not graduate high school until 2024.

Ella Levri

Ella Levri writes and plays keyboard, she has released a number of singles currently streaming everywhere. Ella has plays shows extensively in the MidAtlantic area while studying music full time at Colgan Music School. Ella has a wide range of music interests and brings experienced song writing to the band which can be heard in the lyrics and sound.